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Dry Ice Manufacturer Pittsburgh

Greco Gas is Pittsburgh's go-to manufacturer for dry ice. Many of our dry ice customers use Greco Gas to support their cold shipping requirements for foods and perishables, as well as critical medical products for life-sustaining needs in the healthcare industry, and many other applications where dry ice can be utilized.

Dry ice is also fun for Halloween, winter celebrations, weddings, special events, and pure entertainment. We’ll help you make a fantastic impression with your friends or customers. Just ask us how.

What is Dry Ice? Our experts are always glad to share the science behind the many uses of gases. Dry ice is the solid form of Carbon Dioxide, which freezes at -109°F/-78°C. Insulated, dry ice can be used to cool the contents of a package for long enough to ship or transport special contents when traditional refrigeration is not an option.

Also, when dry ice is “heated” with hot water, it will sublimate to its gaseous state – entirely skipping a liquid phase. The result is the emission of that famous white visible, rolling fog.

Read more about uses of Dry Ice and purchasing options here.

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Dry ice vapor

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