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Welding Equipment Parts Supplier Western Pennsylvania

Is your welding job or project growing? Let’s get you organized, contained, rigged up and ready to go. If you’re the type of person or company who likes a place for everything and everything in its place, Greco Gas is where you’ll need to be to re-supply and put the finishing touches on your shop floor or project.

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Here are some of the common welding parts, fittings and products stocked and obtained by Greco Gas:

  • MIG Weld Parts & Accessories
  • MIG Guns – Spool & Semiautomatic (Aluminum MIG, MIG, Pulsed MIG & Flux-cored)
  • MIG Gun Liners & Conduits
  • MIG Contact Tips, Nozzles, Diffusers & Insulators
  • MIG & TIG Torch Stands
  • Drive Roll, Connector & Adaptor Kits
  • TIG Weld Parts & Accessories
  • TIG Torches and Assembly kits
  • TIG Gas Hose & TIG Water Hose
  • TIG Cables
  • TIG Cable Covers
  • Weld Chemicals – Penetrant & Developer
  • Nozzle Dip & Gel, Anti-spatter & Wire Cleaner & Lubricant
  • Stick Electrode Parts & Accessories
  • MPC Connectors & Adaptors (Dinse, Whip & Female)
  • Electrode Holders, Copper Ground Clamps, Steel Ground Clamps & Grounding Magnates
  • Gouging Carbons & Gouging Torch & Cable Outfits
  • Welding Cable, Power Outlets, Universal Angle Plugs & Pre-Cut Welding Cable & Cords
  • Weld Tools – soapstone, soapstone holders, spark lighter, flint, Tungsten holder & Scribe, Cylinder wrenches, Tip Cleaners, etc.
  • Cutting Torch kits (Oxy-Acetylene or Alternative Fuel)
  • Torch tips and nozzles (Oxygen, Propane, or Propylene)
  • Torch heads
  • Cylinder Carts & Dollies
  • Welding Carts
  • Welding Blankets & Shields

And with your PPE in place and ready to work, let’s also get you fully suited:

  • Welding & Work Gloves
  • Bandanas & Beanies
  • Welding Jackets & Pants
  • Heat sleeves & Leathers
  • Helmets, Goggles, visors and safety glasses

So much more! Looking for something we haven’t listed or described? Give us a call and ask. It’s not cliché; it’s true: if we don’t have it, we know who does! Let’s get you set up here because “big box” doesn’t come with your custom Greco Gas welding, cutting & gas service expert.

Custom Gas Mixtures also available


Gain the information you need from Greco Gas and our resources page. We make available safety data sheets, general product safety knowledge, and related company and industry news for our customers.

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All branch stores are open to walk-in customers. We ask all customers entering into our facility to wear a mask to enter and use proper social distancing protocols while inside.

As of May 23, 2020, all branch stores will have Saturday business hours.

If you are still uncomfortable you can place orders over the phone or via email and we can hand the products to you outside of the building through curbside service. Please let us know when you contact us.