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Industrial Carbon Dioxide (CO2) Gas Supplier Pittsburgh

As the premier industrial Carbon Dioxide supplier in Western Pennsylvania, Greco Gas has bulk on-site for filling portable liquid cryogenic containers and high-pressure cylinder.

Because CO2 gas is heavier than air, it settles to the bottom of its container, making an excellent purge gas, and prevalently used in the petroleum industry to purge oxygen from fuel tanks and pipelines. The same properties make it a common choice to blanket easily oxidized fuels, paints, solvents, and polyesters during transportation and storage. CO2 is also the go-to for controlling electrical and fuel-based fires. 

Bulk CO2 gas is used in chemical processes to neutralize alkalis, and precipitate carbonates from solution. It’s used in the production of methanol, plastics, and polymers. The bottling industry also uses CO2 for carbonation, and as a low-cost method to control the pH of drinking water. 

CO2 is used as the primary gas shield in metal arc welding. It is prevalent in various gas mixtures for other welding applications, helping to deepen the weld penetration of steel and carbon steel. Other applications in the metals industries are to harden casting molds and for soldering. 

Solid CO2 is a common refrigerant. CO2 gas will not liquefy when cooled at atmospheric pressure — high pressure is required to liquefy it. Instead, it becomes a solid at about -109 Fahrenheit (-78 Celsius). 


  • Shield gas for welding 
  • Purge gas for fuel tanks and pipelines 
  • Carbonation and pH control for beverage bottling 
  • Air displacement 
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CO2 Warnings

Large quantities may irritate the nose or eyes because CO2 forms a mild acid when dissolved in water.

Grades of CO2

  • Coleman Instrument
  • Coleman Grade – Liquid withdrawal
  • Bone Dry 
  • Food & Beverage 
  • Dry Ice 
  • Industrial

Custom Gas Mixtures also available