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Durable Insulated Containers for Dry Ice

Durable Insulated Containers for Dry Ice Supplier in Pittsburgh

Dry ice is a key component for food distribution and processing; it is also helpful in the transport of other perishable goods, such as pharmaceutical products. Despite this material’s usefulness though, it is potentially hazardous without taking the proper precautions, in particular using durable insulated bins for dry ice storage and transportation.

The surface of dry ice is about -109.3°F, meaning direct contact with the substance can cause frostbite and burns. Also, as dry ice sublimates, it turns into carbon dioxide gas; breathing in too much carbon dioxide can cause a person to lose consciousness or die. A well-designed dry ice container can reduce the risk of hazards, ensuring to withstand the toughest shipping conditions and maintain their exceptional insulation properties, guaranteeing the safety and longevity of your dry ice. These durable insulated containers feature state-of-the-art insulation technology, ensuring that your dry ice is kept at the optimal temperature for an extended period. The high-quality construction and excellent insulation properties ensure that your dry ice sublimates at a lesser rate, reducing the need for frequent replenishment and minimizing costs. We understand the importance of using dry ice to preserve the freshness of your food items or preserving its blasting power. Our containers are specially designed to accommodate dry ice, ensuring your goods remain at the optimal temperature throughout their journey.

Additionally, our durable insulated containers also excel in a diverse range of applications, including food transportation, medical preservation, and industrial cooling. This versatility gives you the flexibility you need for all your freezing and preservation needs.

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Insulated Containers for Dry Ice Supplier in PA

Our Industrial Dry Ice Container Models

Greco Gas is the go-to manufacturer for Pittsburgh’s dry ice needs. Our large volume clients use our dry ice for everything from blast cleaning, perishable goods shipping and to transferring critical medical products for life-sustaining needs. An insulated tote for storing dry ice is a must, and ours are a product of our strong relationship with Sonoco Thermosafe, the highest quality original equipment manufacturer of these containers.

While we do not carry every available container size, we offer the sizes most practical for our clients. We stock these models in our warehouses:


  • Top load container
  • Internal Dimensions – L x W x H – 36.5” x 21” x 24”
  • External Dimensions – L x W x H – 43” x 27.5” x 39.5”
  • 11 cubic ft. capacity
  • Tare weight – 131 lb.
  • Dry Ice Pellet Capacity – approx. 500 lb.
  • Caster Wheels (most popular)


  • Top load container
  • Internal Dimensions – 41” x 37” x 31”
  • External Dimensions – 48” x 43” x 41.5”
  • 30 cubic ft. capacity
  • Tare weight – 193 lb.
  • Dry Ice pellet capacity weight – approx. 1400 lb.
  • Requires a forklift to unload and move (leg base)(no wheels)


  • Top load container
  • Internal Dimensions – 22” x 12” x 26”
  • External Dimensions – 26” x 16” x 33”
  • 4 cubic ft. capacity
  • Tare weight – 47 lb.
  • Dry Ice pellet capacity weight – approx. 200 lb.
  • Container size is great for easy mobility or small space (wheel option available)

Depending on the frequency and volume of your dry ice orders, we can rent or sell our dry ice containers. High-volume or bulk dry ice customers are most likely to need a storage or transportation solution, but we are happy to work with any client to meet your specific requirements. Talk to our team to learn more about our container offerings.

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For the right client, we offer competitive pricing on durable insulated containers for dry ice. Our high-quality containers can protect you and your team from common dry ice hazards, allowing for the safe transport of the material to your venue.

Upgrade your shipping game with our Durable Insulated Containers for Dry Ice. Don't compromise on the freshness and safety of your food items. If you're serious about dry ice blasting and demand the best performance, our durable insulated containers are the perfect investment. Experience unparalleled durability, unmatched insulation, and effortless mobility – all designed to optimize your dry ice-blasting sessions. Revolutionize your work, boost productivity, and ensure long-lasting success

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