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Hydrogen (H2) Gas Supplier Pittsburgh

Hydrogen is the lightest of all known elements and the most widely distributed. It is found not only on earth but throughout the entire universe. Gaseous Hydrogen is odorless, colorless and tasteless. It will diffuse very rapidly through organic material, plastics, and some metals at high temperatures. It is flammable and burns in air with a pale, bluish flame that is nearly invisible.

Greco Gas is one of the premier Hydrogen gas suppliers in Pittsburgh.


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Industrial Uses


In food processing, hydrogenation helps to prevent oxidizing and ultimately the spoilage of food. Hydrogenated oils and fats help foods taste fresh and crispy. 

Hydrogen Gas Atmospheres

Metals manufacturing processes utilize Hydrogen as a reducing agent in the production of metallic tungsten and molybdenum. As a reducing gas, a Hydrogen-rich atmosphere is desirable for its ability to reduce iron oxide and to decarburize steel in heat treating, annealing, brazing and powder metal sintering.  


When Hydrogen and Oxygen gases are combined to Oxyhydrogen, its flame produces white-hot heat which can be used in specific industrial lighting applications and as a torch to cut metals.  


Liquid Hydrogen is clear and odorless with a density of about only 1/14 that of water. It has a lower boiling point than any other liquefied gas except helium. In this form, it’s used for bubble chambers, nuclear research, a propellant for rockets, refrigeration (where temperatures lower than liquid nitrogen are required), and rocket engine component testing. 


While Hydrogen is non-toxic, it can cause asphyxiation in confined spaces. 

Hydrogen Grades

  • UHP 
  • Zero 
  • High Purity 
  • Industrial 

Custom Gas Mixtures also available


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