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Pittsburgh Helium Gas Supplier

Welding Applications: Helium is an inert, colorless, odorless gas. As other inert gases, including Argon, it’s useful as a shielding gas and particularly in arc welding of non-ferrous metals like aluminum and copper and other metals with high heat conductivity. Helium’s small atoms help make a deeper weld suitable for thicker sections of metal. Because of these tiny atoms, Helium is often used to detect leaks in welds, pumps and seals. 

Greco Gas is one of the premier Helium gas suppliers in Pittsburgh.


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Industrial Uses

Helium Gas and Liquid Helium Coolant

The very low boiling point for Helium means it’s also a suitable coolant, and often used to cool electromagnetic supersystems such as those used in hospital MRIs and as a cooling medium for nuclear reactors. As a liquid, Helium is also colorless and odorless. It is essential in low temperatures approaching absolute zero, and It has the lowest boiling point of any liquefied gas. Other gases will solidify upon contact with liquid Helium. 

Ultra-High Purity (UHP) Helium

Greco Gas carries or can source various ultra-high pure grades of Helium gas mixtures, which can be used for leak detection, electronics and laboratory calibrations and testing.  

Balloon Helium

What’s a discussion about Helium without mentioning balloons? View our full array of Greco Gas balloon Helium services. 

Other Uses

  • A protective atmosphere for titanium and zirconium production  
  • Filling cold weather fluorescent lamps  
  • Filling neutron counters and gas thermometers 
  • Cooling lasers and other electronic devices  
  • Cryosorption devices used in space simulators  
  • Research on properties of materials at near absolute zero temperature 
  • Party balloons 

Helium Grades Carried or Sourced

Ultra-High Purity, High Purity, Medical USP and Industrial  

Custom Gas Mixtures also available