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Welding Helmet Supplier South West Pennsylvania

The most prominent piece of the welder’s ensemble – the helmet. Essential for protecting the eyes from bright and harmful UV light, the skin and hair from hot sparks, splash and singes, and the head from grave hazards.

Greco Gas provides various makes and models of ANSI standard welding helmets, from the very basic to the most advanced helmets available in the industry. Suppose you are looking for conventional fixed lens helmets or more advanced auto-darkening or PAPR styles (Powered Air Purifying Respirator). In that case, Greco Gas provides many options of the most popular designs from leading welding helmet manufacturers. Let’s take a closer look:

  • Fixed Lens Helmets – This is a traditional and affordable choice with the glass lens as a fixed shade. The welder can lift the shield-guard to inspect work and assure alignment before dropping the shield and starting the weld. However, repetition can pose a disadvantage for tight spaces and long jobs.
  • Auto-Darkening Helmets – A lens that adjusts to dark for active welding and light during an inactive state allows the welder to keep the helmet in place throughout the job. This helmet style can further aid precise stick electrode placement, as there won’t be any inadvertent placement adjustments that could be experienced with the fixed lens helmet lowering action. The feature also leads to improved productivity with reduced downtime. This auto-darkening helmet uses LCD (liquid crystal display) technology, which response in fractions of a second to changing brightness conditions at the weld site. In some styles we offer here at Greco Gas, that darkening range is adjustable, which serves the welder who utilizes varying machine voltages or welding processes.
  • Powered Air Purifying Respirator Helmets (PAPR style helmets) – for intense jobs at any level or when air quality can be compromised, a PAPR welding helmet is an essential piece of PPE. Breathe filtered air within the breathing zone of your mask in the full facepiece apparatus. This type of helmet is a must for many safety directors and companies with a high safety focus.
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Fit and Functionality

Whether you are a professional welder, hobbyist, or student we can properly fit you with the best helmet for the job. We help you evaluate budget, welding experience, viewing requirements, job conditions, and your goals when buying a helmet – quality, safety, even style! That’s right, many of our quality welding helmets come with personality and design, much like you might choose a motorcycle helmet.

Headgear inside the helmet is typically adjustable, but some will require a fit test – and we’re completely qualified to take care of you. We’ll also ensure that you’re using the helmet's proper weight – too heavy can cause fatigue and stress on the neck and shoulders.

Welding Helmet Brands Offered

3M Speedglas™, ESAB, Huntsman, Jackson Safety, Lincoln Electric, Miller Electric, Optrel, Pearson, Sellstrom, and Weldmark.

Full Stock of Essential Welding Helmet Supplies

We also carry a large selection of accessories and spare parts for all helmet models we stock and supply, such as replacement lenses, headgear, magnifying lenses, air filter canisters, batteries and more. Please stop in at one of our locations, and try on our helmets to experience the look and feel before buying. Our staff can assist you with sizing, price points, and different technologies offered. If you are just looking to convert a fixed shade to an auto-darkening lens we can help with that as well. Stop in today to get fitted with your new helmet!

Welding Helmets

Product Product Number
Sentinel A50 5-13 ADF Welding Helmet ESB 0700000800
Thermoplastic Gray Helmet Tigerhood FIB 906GY
990 Gray SH10 PC Helmet FIB 990GY
951P Helmet KCP 14535
HSL1000 Helmet KCP 14975
Viking Black 1840 Helmet LCN K3023-3
Viking Black 2450 Var SH 5-13 Helmet LCN K3028-3
Viking Heavy Metal 2450 Var SH 5-13 Helmet LCN K3029-3
Viking Black 2350 Var SH5-13 Helmet LCN K3034-3
Viking 2450D Black Digital Serital Series Welding Helmet LCN K3230-3
Digital Elite (Black) Helmet MIL 281000


Gain the information you need from Greco Gas and our resources page. We make available safety data sheets, general product safety knowledge, and related company and industry news for our customers.

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