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Bulk gas storage containers

Bulk Nitrogen Gas Solutions Western Pennsylvania

Greco Gas set-up, delivery and on-site service for microbulk Nitrogen is a first-class solution for large Nitrogen consumers. We currently serve an array of customers in the Pittsburgh area in the Bulk or Microbulk Nitrogen stations serve our prevalent steel and metals industries, as well as heat treaters, medical centers, the food and beverage industry, and industrial cooling systems with cost efficiencies and convenient, accessible on-site systems.

Greco Gas is a full-service provider – meaning we start with you from your system's design, understanding your footprint, delivery needs, and specific applications. We install either a standard system or custom solution at your facility, providing all system testing, personnel training for monitoring, and tank maintenance. Finally, we develop, along with your input, a service and delivery schedule that assures constant supply.

Why switch to Greco Gas Microbulk?

  • When your gas requirements outgrow 12 packs or multiple portable cryogenic containers, it's time to consider Greco's Microbulk Solutions. We can provide on-site storage of Nitrogen in sizes ranging from 450 Liter- 14,000 Gallons.
  • When your business demands reliable, available and expert service, trust Greco Gas – just like many of industrial microbulk and bulk Nitrogen consumers have for more than 40 years.
  • When you have a specific, large demand for any of the following grades available at Greco Gas:
    • Ultra-High Purity (UHP)
    • Prepurified
    • High Purity (HP)
    • Medical NF
    • Industrial
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Custom Gas Mixtures also available

Example systems

  • Cryogenic Microbulk Nitrogen – cryopreservation, tissue preservation
  • Furnace Atmosphere Systems – blanketing Nitrogen, nitrogen blend atmospheres, heat treatment
  • High-purity Nitrogen Systems for lasers, medical needs and research
  • Microbulk Nitrogen Systems for manufacturing – injection molding, pressurizing, chemical processing, and purging
  • Nitrogen-based Cooling Systems – for industrial cooling, food and beverage processing and preservation


Metals Manufacturing and Heat Treating

As a blanketing gas or custom atmosphere in furnaces, Nitrogen plays a critical role in strengthening metals, during the electroplating process and for anti-corrosion properties

Oil & Gas Industry

Performing well under pressure, Nitrogen is useful as propellant gas. It is commonly utilized to propel gas through pipelines and other infrastructure systems or, to maintain pressure in lines or underground gas and oil fields. Similarly, Nitrogen is used as a purge gas to clean lines and equipment. Petroleum processing, refineries, and drillers all depend on Nitrogen – every day!

Industrial Processing & Manufacturing

Nitrogen is the most commonly used industrial gas. Our bulk customers flow Nitrogen through their glass and ceramic process, chemical and fertilizer manufacturing, pulp and paper manufacturing, and in diffusing impurities from water and other materials. As a shield gas, Nitrogen is used to blanket combustible gases, or even air, maintaining a safe environment, and often required for quality control.

Food & Beverage Industry

Yes, it's a theme: Nitrogen is an excellent barrier against impurities and the spoiling effects of Oxygen and oxidation. That's why Nitrogen is a prevalent necessity for food processing, beverage freshness and food packaging and preservation. More extensive food processing facilities rely on Greco Gas for bulk containers of Nitrogen gas.

Health Care & Pharmaceutical

Similar to the food and beverage industry's preservative benefits, pharmaceutical manufacturers use Nitrogen to preserve and keep medicine, vaccines, and drugs stable. The health care industry's use of Nitrogen is prevalent, as a life-saving blood preservative,  for cooling and preserving tissues, cultures, samples and organs.

Many other uses of Nitrogen could ultimately lend themselves to a microbulk or bulk system. Give us a call here at Greco Gas, and we will walk you through design, build, service and price.