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G.A.L. Gage - Weld-measuring Gauges Supplier in Pittsburgh

Greco Gas is an authorized and knowledgeable G.A.L. Gage weld-measuring gauges supplier for Pittsburgh and Western Pennsylvania. G.A.L. is a high-quality manufacturer that has been making precision instruments in Michigan since 1975. Their gauges are lightweight and have clear, durable markings to allow technicians to quickly and accurately check a variety of welds.

Quality Weld-Measuring Gauges Supplier in Pittsburgh

Measuring pipe fit-ups before welding helps ensure good alignment, function, and stability of a gas or hydraulic system. A good gauge does more than measure; it also improves productivity and catches more rejects. Our most popular G.A.L. gauges for common welds include:

  • Single-purpose hi-lo welding gauges: Despite the name, these single-purpose gauges measure both fit-up alignment and gap size.
  • Weld-size gauges: These help maintain standards in fillet weld concavity and convexity. They also measure butt weld reinforcement.
  • Multi-purpose hi-lo welding gauges: Highly versatile welding gauges with multiple functions.

G.A.L. Gage multi-purpose hi-lo gauges are especially popular. They can check internal misalignment, crown height, pipe wall thicknesses, and leg length for fillet welds.

Specialty Welding Gauges

As a major alignment measuring gauges supplier for Pittsburgh and the surrounding regions, Greco Gas also carries a variety of specialty and multi-function instruments. These allow technicians to make virtually any quality check.

Multi-Function Gauges

Apart from the hi-lo gauge in the above section, we also have G.A.L. combo-welding and bridge cam gauges. Combo-welding gauges measure (in both metric and inches):

  • Fillet weld leg lengths
  • Butt weld heights
  • Fillet weld throat
  • Angles of preparation
  • Root sizes

Bridge cam gauges come in full and pocket size. They measure a range of quality checkpoints, including excess weld metal, depth of undercuts, depth of pitting, and angle of preparation.

Specialty Gauges

Most welding operations will get enough efficiency and functionality with standard gauges. However, some situations call for specialized instruments, such as:

  • Spiral-would gasket flange fit-up and inspection gauges
  • High-efficiency stepped gap-spacing gauge (alternative to gap rods and wedges)
  • Radius gauges for measuring the inner radius of pipe
  • Heavy-duty railroad step gauges

Some of these tools have specific applications. Others, such as the stepped gap wedges, can improve speed and efficiency.

Serving All of Western Pennsylvania's Welders

Greco Gas is a weld measuring gauges supplier in Pittsburgh that serves gas companies, fabricators, plumbers, and a variety of other welding professionals. Both our team and the team at G.A.L. Gage are here to answer any product questions you have and walk you through the entire process. Contact us today.