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There is a gas we don’t like in the food and beverage industry – Oxygen! Oxygen and exposure to air will spoil food and significantly lessen the shelf life of fresh, frozen and even bottled foods and drinks. For the solution, the industry turns to our “blanketing” gases, such as Nitrogen and Argon, to provide a protective layer between the food and the spoilage culprit, Oxygen. And they’re not only helpful as gases, but they are also instrumental in their liquid phases to freeze food and even make frozen food like ice cream. Quick-freezing causes smaller ice crystals to form, and smaller ice crystals not only keep food around longer but they also, in many cases, deliver a smoother, richer taste and texture.

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  • Ice cream shops often use liquid nitrogen to make their premium product – again, because it freezes the ice cream faster than standard methods, and the less conspicuous ice crystals lend not only a more decadent taste but also a more appealing “mouth feel.”
  • The packaged foods you get at your grocer’s. In just about every instance, the Oxygen that would otherwise be trapped in the packaging is replaced with nitrogen because nitrogen keeps the food fresher and considerably extends its shelf life.
  • Liquid nitrogen is used by food processors to pulverize food – particularly innovative snacks – into chunks, slivers, or powders.
  • Restaurants use liquid nitrogen to freeze alcohol and chill drinks and freeze and serve unusual desert concoctions – sometimes even unique entrées or side dishes! 
  • Bars and microbreweries use nitrogen not only to lend beers a smoother taste but also for nitro taps to fizz up stouts, craft beers, and pale ales.
  • In time, quite a few microbrew pubs will also undoubtedly be “nitrobrew” pubs. Nitrobrewsare the newest “thing” that’s just starting to hit it big – cold-drink creations that have the look of beer, are served in glasses, have a creamy coffee-like taste … and offer a caffeine hit allegedly far superior to coffee. 
  • Winemakers prefer Argon gas with similar preservative and qualitative effects that have been used and refined for a century or more.
  • Even our favorite chocolatiers have used pure gases to curate many types and textures of what is probably our most beloved sweet. Your boxed chocolate was probably kept fresh during storage and shipping with a thin blanket of nitrogen crystals. And if it was aerated chocolate – enticingly light chocolate with air bubbles in it – it’s likely that nitrogen that made those bubbles possible. Nitrogen makes a much smaller bubble than air, which is so essential for that velvety, smooth, and satisfying texture that we have come to love in our delicious chocolate.


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