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Industrial Oxygen Gas Supplier Pittsburgh

Oxygen is a very reactive gas, supports combustion and chemically combines with practically all the known elements except the inert gases – argon, helium, neon, etc.

Oxygen is a colorless, non-flammable gas that vigorously accelerates combustion yet is a poor conductor of heat and electricity. Oxygen’s ability to react with other compounds and elements allows manufacturers to achieve results more efficiently that air. Similarly, Oxygen’s reactivity to organic matter provides improved results for medical use and in the treatment of organic material such as wood pulp and wastewater effluent. Greco Gas supplies bulk and micro bulk Oxygen gas, and FDA-approved Oxygen for medical and home use.  


  • Steel manufacturing, metal forming & finishing
  • Gas welding, cutting
  • Furnace atmospheres and heat treating
  • Medical therapy
  • Water and sewage treatment
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Industrial Applications

Steel, Metals

The steel industry is a prevalent user of Oxygen gas, creating a rich atmosphere to support combustion and draw impurities out of metal. Oxygen is a key player in the manufacture, treatment and finishing of metals, welding and cutting.

Medical Oxygen Solutions

Oxygen is readily used therapeutically and for patient care. We supply and provide medical gas to Home Oxygen Service companies. Our Medical U.S.P. gas meets all F.D.A. requirements. Read more about Greco Gas’ Medical Oxygen and Home Oxygen options.


Used in a wastewater treatment plant aerobic system, dissolved Oxygen will help precipitate solids from the water, reduce odors and control bacteria in the treatment tanks. Wastewater aeration is considered a cost-efficient solution, helping plants meet permitting requirements without expensive upgrades and costly chemicals.

Chemical Processing

Utilizing Oxygen in various chemical and thermal applications helps with process efficiency, oxidation, decontamination, and off-gas reduction. Oxygen gas is also used to make gas mixtures including ethylene oxide, propylene oxide and for ethane cracking.

Liquid Oxygen

Gaseous Oxygen becomes a bluish liquid at -297°F (-218°C), and as a liquid, it can be a more efficient way to contain and transport Oxygen. The tubes of Liquid Oxygen are stored and later brought back up to temperature to its gaseous state for onsite use. Liquid Oxygen, or LOX as it is sometimes termed, is also used for cryogenic applications, as an oxidizer in metals and carbon, and as an oxidizer in rocket fuel.


Other typical industrial applications of Oxygen include: breathing apparatus, incineration, as a fuel gas for analytical instruments and more. Oxygen comprises atmospheric gas for glass and ceramic manufacturing, biofuels, and petroleum production.

  • GRADES OF OXYGEN: Ultra-High Purity(UHP), Zero, Extra Dry, Aviator, Medical USP, and Industrial

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