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Halloween & Special Event Dry Ice Supplier Pittsburgh

Cue the creepy fog! You don’t need a fully equipped special effects team to pull off the look of some awe-inspiring fog for Halloween, parties or other special events. With basic knowledge of use and safety and an order of dry ice from Greco Gas, the magic is about to happen! Browse through Google or Pinterest for hundreds of ideas for using mesmerizing dry ice for science fairs, special effects photography, fun drinks and a memorable party atmosphere.

Making Fog with Dry Ice

To make fog, add dry ice to hot water; 1 gallon of water for every 2-4 lbs. of dry ice. The variables of fog are the water temperature and the surface area of the dry ice. The smaller the size of dry ice pieces, the more fog; the higher the temperature of the water, the more fog.

When the hot water hits the dry ice, the dry ice sublimates. That is, the CO2 completely changes from its solid phase to its gas phase, without “melting’ or becoming a liquid. The instant effect is white, rolling fog.

The sublimation times depend on the size of the dry ice and the temperature of the water. The smaller the pieces of dry ice, the more fog that emits. And when the water temperature drops below 40°F, the fog effect diminishes, so keep the water hot for longer lasting effects.

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Custom Gas Mixtures also available

Buying Tips:

We recommend styrofoam containers or insulated coolers to transport and store dry ice – with the lid partially open for ventilation of trace CO2 gas. This insulation will help the dry ice stay colder longer. Dry ice can be stored this way for as long as 24 hours if kept inside, but for best results, you should plan your purchase to coincide with your event.

Volumes and Sublimation times

  • Jack-O-Lanterns or Classroom Volcanoes: 3-5 lb. – Approximately up to 1 hour
  • Witch’s Pot 5-15 lb. – Approximately up to 1 hour
  • Swimming Pool:  50 lb. – Approximately up to 1-2 hours  


Gain the information you need from Greco Gas and our resources page. We make available safety data sheets, general product safety knowledge, and related company and industry news for our customers.

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