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Welding Equipment Supplier For Welders

Greco Gas has long accommodated welding, cutting, burning, machining, forming, bending, assembling, and other metal fabrication processes here in the greater Pittsburgh area. 

Greco Gas offers Pittsburgh PurityPlus® specialty gases and equipment essential for specialty metalworking – professional or hobbyists. Consider us your full-service, one-stop outfitters for welding – gases, welding machines, torches, helmets, safety equipment, and other supplies. You’ll find it all here, conveniently located. 

We carry only professional-grade products from the industry market leaders like Lincoln Electric, ESAB, Victor Technologies, Harris Products Group, Norton Abrasives, Metabo and Weldmark and many others. 

What also sets us apart is our certified Purity Plus® specialty gas laboratory, a site for the manufacture and distribution of ultra-high purity gases, mixed gases and more. Many specialty welding and cutting applications require gases that fulfill minimum purity standards, with analysis and conformity certificates. Analytically accurate gases with delineated impurity specifications have always been a critical specialty here at Greco Gas.  

Supplying You The Best Gas & Equipment

Precision laser cutting and welding processes demand gases of the finest purity and strictest composition, whether high-purity Argon for Gas Tungsten Arc Welding (GTAW or “TIG”) or close-tolerance multi-component gas mixtures of Oxygen, Carbon Dioxide, Helium, and Argon for Gas Metal Arc (GMAW or “MIG”) and Flux Cored Arc Welding (FCAW). The PurityPlus® gases we make are consistent and compliant with all national standards. 

Pittsburgh enterprises depend on us for a broad array of industrial, custom-blend, and various other process gases. Our Pittsburgh customers enjoy competitive pricing – without having to forego one bit of the superior local service, they not only expect but also require. Check out our Welding Supply section or browse the Brands We Carry.  

Our personnel – all experts – are thoroughly dedicated to helping you get the most out of your application by supplying you with the best gas and equipment package for your metal fabrication needs.  

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Custom Gas Mixtures also available