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Compressed Air Supplier Western Pennsylvania

We manufacture a synthetic blend of compressed air which virtually eliminates all impurities, leaving only Nitrogen (78.5%) and Oxygen (21.5%) 

Air is contained, and then the container space is reduced, forcing the molecules to be closer together than normal. When the volume of air is reduced by half, the pressure doubles, a principle known as Boyle’s Law. Air temperature is also a direct proportionate variable controlled by pressure, and as air molecules get closer together, the temperature also rises. When released, the molecules release a burst of energy and a blast of cold air as the molecules return to their normal state, making it suitable for rotary propulsion and applications useful to convey, cool, reciprocate, agitate or impact.   

High-pressure air quality and tank capacity are critical for precision applications such as plasma cutting. Greco Gas compressed air systems are 99.9% pure.

Applications in manufacturing include plastics injection molding, dust collection, machining, polishing, spot cooling and aeration. It’s also used in food manufacturing to inhibit fermentation and for filling and capping in bottling facilities. 


  • Pneumatic-powered tools (air tools)
  • Propulsion for motors
  • Injection molding
  • Sandblasting
  • Plasma cutting
  • Breathing air

Widespread & Practical Use of Compressed Air

Widespread and practical use of compressed air is to power a multitude of pneumatic devices or air tools. From air guns, drills, wrenches and blast cleaners to paint sprayers, pumps and a myriad of impact tools. Pneumatics is not only economical, but it is also safety in wet conditions or when sparks need to be avoided. When capacity or quality beyond which is capable of standard compressors is required, seek the advice of one of our staff at Greco Gas.

Compressed breathing air for firefighters and scuba divers can be sourced at Greco Gas.

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Air Grades Carried or Sourced: 

  • Zero
  • Dry
  • Breathing Air
  • USP Air Medical
  • Industrial

Custom Gas Mixtures also available


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For customers displaying symptoms of COVID, out of courtesy toward other customers and Greco Gas employees, we would ask that you wear a suitable facial covering while on the premises.

If you are uncomfortable entering any of our locations due to COVID, you can place orders by phone or email; products can be handed to you while outside the building or brought directly to your car by one of our associates. Please indicate this during your phone call or email if you would like to place orders in this manner. Thank you.