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Research & Development Industrial Gas Supplier Western Pennsylvania

Consistent. Accurate. Repeatable. Greco Gas knows the value of these fundamental goals, whether you are in the consumer product business, material or safety science, or you need to validate medical advancements or the quality of our precious air and water. Over the years, scientific, medical, and industrial research facilities are increasingly depending on Greco for the PurityPlus® gases, gas mixtures and liquid gases required to accomplish a broad array of research goals. They've found us to be a steady, easily accessible source of these commodities, coming to rely not only on our demonstrable quality but also for our affordable prices and the smart, personalized service of our staff. 

Calibration Gases and Custom Calibration Mixes 

Gas chromatography is universal in the quantitative and qualitative analysis of complex chemical blends and chemical compounds' purification. It is also widely used to monitor industrial processes and for product quality control. Carrier gases necessary for gas chromatography, beyond having to be either inert or unreactive, must be at least 99.995% pure. 

Analytical laboratories and research facilities require stable, reliable carrier gases and calibration mixtures for reliable readings of these precise scientific detection instruments. Greco Gas' accredited PurityPlus®  brand of specialty gases, provides you with an experienced and trusted supplier for gas service for chromatographs, liquid chromatographs, UV/VIS spectrometers, and NR spectrometers. We meet all requirements for ECDs, TCDs, FIDs or other detection methods. Our custom calibration mixtures enable Greco Gas customers throughout the Pittsburgh area to benchmark analytical methodologies and designate baselines for both research and product development. Our pure gases and gas mixtures offer laboratories legitimate, completely accurate standards for pinpoint instrument calibration, assuring that Purity gases are the most dependable choice for Pittsburgh labs, hospitals and universities. 

Generally, we produce or source gases appropriate for: 

  • Thermal Conductivity Detectors
  • Flame Ionization Detectors
  • Electron Capture Detectors
  • Helium Ionization Detectors
  • Flame Photometric Detectors
  • Photo Ionization Detectors
  • GC-Mass Spectrometry
  • High-Frequency Discharge Detectors
  • Discharge Ionization Detectors
  • Ultrasonic Detectors

Also, ask us about low-temperature R&D applications, such as cryogenic refrigeration and pressure regulation of laboratory vacuum systems. Or read more about these applications in Life Sciences here

Greco Gas can help you pick the best gas for any R&D application. Let us partner with you to make your Pittsburgh research laboratory a model of purity, efficiency and accuracy, while always helping you keep an eye on cost.  

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