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Argon gas regulator

Pittsburgh Industrial Argon (Ar) Gas Supplier

Argon is colorless and odorless, both as a gas and as a liquid. Here in the Pittsburgh area, Greco Gas customers in the metal fabrication and the welding industry use Argon for MIG welding aluminum and TIG welding plate steel and sheet metal.  

While Argon is inert, it can be useful in a gas mixture. Greco Gas’ gas blending facility in Tarentum will customize a blend, typically 75% Argon and 25% Carbon Dioxide (C25 gas) for MIG work and nice weld results! Other mixtures we carry at Greco Gas are C-10, C8, and Stainless C2. 

Greco Gas is the premier industrial Argon gas supplier in Western Pennsylvania.


  • Flushing molten metals, liquids and foods to eliminate porosity or air bubbles  
  • Blanketing gas 
  • Filling incandescent and fluorescent lamps and other lighted tubes 
  • Inert gas shield for arc welding 
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Industrial Uses


Argon’s inert, tasteless, and colorless characteristics make it a good choice to pass through matter (metals, liquids, and food) in order to prevent oxidation by flushing out residual Oxygen. A method called Modified Atmosphere Packaging (MAP) injects the Argon through a series of passes through food packaging; one example is potato chips. A similar concept yields favorable results in metallurgy, where Argon flushing can remove Oxygen bubbles, reduce porosity, and prevent oxidation – making a stronger metal. 

Blanketing Gas for Heat Treating

Argon is an inert gas and makes an excellent shield against Oxygen in atmosphere-controlled furnace and heating treating ovens, which optimizes results and prevents impurities and oxidation in metal treating. 

Lights & Lamps

When electricity passes through certain noble gases their electrons become “excited,” spinning around the nucleus of their atoms. As they return to their normal state they emit a light called photons. Argon is one of several gases used in this way to create light in a contained light source, including “neon” light tubes. Argon’s blanketing property is also helpful in protecting delicate tungsten filaments, extending the life of incandescent and fluorescent light bulbs and tubes.  

3-D Printing

Argon used in rapid prototyping of metals, such as 3-D printers, prevents Oxygen from reacting with additive metals manufacturing and overall renders stronger bonds. 

Inert gas shield for arc welding

Greco Gas has a full section dedicated to gases used for welding applications.

Grades of Argon

  • UHP  
  • High Purity  
  • Pre-Purified 
  • Industrial   

Custom Gas Mixtures also available