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Purity Plus™ Specialty Gas Producer Pittsburgh

Greco Gas is a supplier and producer of specialty gases serving the Western Pennsylvania market in and around Pittsburgh. Operating a certified PurityPlus® laboratory and focusing on 100% customer satisfaction, we can manufacture or source any pure or mixed gas to fulfill all your application needs.  

What is PurityPlus? 

PurityPlus® producers are a group of Independently Owned Specialty Gas producers in North America working through the Independent Welding Distributors Cooperative. A fundamental part of the PurityPlus® program is its consistent Standard Operating and Quality Assurance Procedures that all producers must meet.  

Integral to the program is a sequence of levels or tiers that define the proficiencies of each partner. These tiers represent the process and analytical capabilities required to supply gases of defined purities, aligning with generally accepted impurity maximums and analytical tolerances.  

For example, all certified PurityPlus® producers can package and certify Nitrogen and Argon to grade 5.0 (Ultra High Purity.) Moving up in the tiers usually involves additional analytical and gas-filling equipment to fill higher purity atmospheric gases. Calibration and verification are executed through NIST-traceable standards, most typically SRM’s, and verified by annual round-robin testing. 

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What does having a PurityPlus® certification mean? 

PurityPlus® Specialty Gases assures its qualifying labs offer several grades of calibration gas standards to meet the level of accuracy for customers’ laboratory or production process. All PurityPlus® Specialty Gases are custom-mixed, analyzed and labeled.  

Each PurityPlus® Production facility conforms to a strict set of quality assurance measures and standard operating procedures. Greco Gas’ PurityPlus® lab in Tarentum has been thoroughly inspected, certified and documented to be compliant with FDA, DOT, OSHA, and EPA requirements - among others - by AsteRisk, LLC., a US-based, globally known, reputable, independent certification entity.  

Trust Greco Gas, your PurityPlus® certified lab serving the Pittsburgh region and western Pennsylvania

We are proud to be part of PurityPlus® Gases, the most extensive network of independent specialty gas producers in North America. Greco Gas has successfully built a reputation for producing top-grade specialty gases for use in our local communities and to benefit local needs.  

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