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Nitrogen gas cylinder

Industrial Nitrogen Gas Supplier Pittsburgh

Nitrogen has full industrial applications and is one of our most widely sold products here at Greco Gas. Nitrogen is an enriching nutrient for plants and animals, and all organic compounds. At Greco Gas, we supply bulk and micro-bulk Nitrogen as a portable liquid or as an industrial gas throughout the greater Pittsburgh area. Our industrial gas fill plant in Tarentum assures a ready supply — bottled delivery or bulk nitrogen gas. 

Greco Gas is proud to be one of the premier Nitrogen suppliers in Pittsburgh.

Nitrogen Gas Applications

  • Shield and Blanketing gas 
  • Heat treating and metals manufacturing atmosphere 
  • Medical use 
  • Food and beverage preservative 
  • Chemical processes, chemical manufacturing 
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Industrial Uses

Blanket, Shield and Atmospheric Gas

Nitrogen atmospheres are a critical and predominant need in manufacturing. Pure Nitrogen is commonly used in manufacturing as a “curtain” to prevent combustible Oxygen (in less volatile environments) from igniting or from oxidizing or rusting metals. This is also called shield gas. The greater Pittsburgh area and Western Pennsylvania are still poised as a geographic center and innovative leader in metals, the steel industry, powdered metals or sintered metals industry, heat treaters and OEMs using steel and stainless steel. These are all large consumers of Nitrogen and other industrial shield and atmospheric gases. Greco Gas’ bulk gas service solutions and delivery are an excellent choice for our larger customers.  

Chemical Processing

Used in manufacturing fertilizers; you may be familiar with the use of various derivatives of Nitrogen, including nitrates and nitrites, found naturally in organic fertilizer. Nitrogen gas is also used in making a myriad of medicines, even in antibiotics.

Cooling Applications

Nitrogen is used as a carrier gas for cooling applications or for removing other process chemicals and byproducts. Nitrogen turns to liquid at -320 degrees F and is similar in appearance to water. In this form, Liquid Nitrogen has many applications as a coolant.  

Medical Use

The cooling and cryogenic effect of Nitrogen in its liquid phase make it a well-known solution as a medical gas.

Nitrogen for the Food & Beverage Industry

Nitrogen is essential in preserving foods, beverages and pharmaceuticals, again for its ability to prevent Oxygen from doing its harm to organic matter. Nitrogen’s most common application in this market is in making soft drinks and beers, craft brews and sodas. Read more about Greco Gas’ beverage gas and custom gas mixtures

Grades of Nitrogen Offered

  •  Ultra-High Purity (UHP)
  •  Prepurified
  •  High Purity (HP) 
  •  Medical NF 
  •  Industrial 

Custom Gas Mixtures also available