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Bulk gas storage containers

Bulk Oxygen Gas Systems

Large consumers of Oxygen gas, you’ve come to the right place!  

Greco Gas has the on-site solution for Oxygen gas as the Pittsburgh area’s premier full-service provider for Oxygen gas systems, microbulk Oxygen, bulk tanks and service.

For some applications, it’s necessary to scale up to an on-site microbulk system. That’s where Greco Gas can help. Not only do we supply and service bulk and microbulk Oxygen systems, but we can also help you design, install and monitor a turn-key system or a customized solution just for your specific need. Our bulk Oxygen users can attest to the quality and reliability of our standard or our custom systems.

Greco Gas Offers:

  • Ultra-High Purity (UHP)
  • Zero
  • Extra Dry
  • Aviator
  • Medical USP
  • Industrial Grade O2
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Custom Gas Mixtures also available

Bulk Oxygen Applications

Metal Fabricators and Steel Industry

Oxygen enriched combustion is integral to metal smelting, treating and refining. Oxygen-enriched air or atmosphere improves combustibility, making it valuable for cost-efficiency. Oxygen is also a go-to for metal plasma cutting, welding and specific rust-proofing techniques.

Water Treatment Facilities

Dissolved Oxygen facilitates precipitation of solids from water, reduces odors and controls bacteria and foam levels in treatment tanks.

Life Sciences

Oxygen is an essential life-sustaining element, used prevalently for its therapeutic and stable properties during surgery, recovery and to support and improve breathing and respiratory ailments. Medical research and pharmaceutical companies call on industrial gas suppliers for medical and laboratory-grade Oxygen.

Chemical and Material Processing

Use Oxygen for thermal or oxidative applications for efficient combustion, material mixing, decontamination, and off-gas reduction. Oxygen gas is also used in making gas mixtures, including ethylene oxide, propylene oxide.

Energy Enhancement

Fuel-burning through Oxygen burns brighter, hotter and quicker – all can result in process efficiency and cost savings

Scrap Metals & Recycling

In the metal recycling and contracting industries, there is much cutting and processing ferrous scrap metals. Oxygen is a crucial source in cutting and in helping to prepare the metals for recycling purposes.

Oil & Gas Industry

Used for ethane cracking and to support efficient transport through oil and gas transmission lines.  

Are you looking to make a move to microbulk Oxygen? Look no further! You’ve found the right partner at Greco Gas.


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