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Packaged Gas Filling Facilities

Gas Delivery & Supply Equipment 

Greco Gas maintains a significant on-site bulk storage capacity of Oxygen, Nitrogen, Argon, Carbon Dioxide, and Propane.

  • Nitrogen on-site storage
  • Oxygen on-site storage
  • Argon on-site storage
  • Carbon Dioxide on-site storage
  • Propane On-Site storage
  • Dry Ice Production Equipment
  • Tier 3 Purity Plus® Specialty Laboratory Gases Production Lab.
  • Vacuum Pumps pulling to 5 Microns
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At our headquarters in Tarentum, PA, our Primary Packaged Gas Filling plant produces the following gases in specified high-pressure and liquid cryogenic tanks and cylinders:

  • Air-Industrial Grade
  • Air- Breathing Grade
  • Air- Aviation Grade
  • Argon- Industrial UHP Grade
  • Argon- Industrial HP Grade
  • Argon- Industrial Prepurified Grade
  • Argon- Industrial Grade
  • Argon- Liquid Cryogenic Industrial Grade
  • Argon/Carbon Dioxide Mixtures Industrial Grade
  • Argon/Oxygen
  • Carbon Dioxide- Industrial Grade
  • Carbon Dioxide - Food Grade
  • Dry Ice Pellets - Industrial Grade
  • Dry Ice Pellets - Food Grade
  • Mixtures-Gas Industrial Grade
  • Nitrogen- Industrial UHP Grade
  • Nitrogen- Industrial HP Grade
  • Nitrogen- Industrial Prepurified Grade
  • Nitrogen- Industrial Grade
  • Nitrogen- NF Grade
  • Nitrogen- Liquid Cryogenic Industrial Grade
  • Nitrogen- Liquid Cryogenic NF Grade
  • Oxygen- Industrial UHP Grade
  • Oxygen- Industrial HP Grade
  • Oxygen- Industrial Prepurified Grade
  • Oxygen- Industrial Grade
  • Oxygen- Medical Grade
  • Oxygen- Liquid Cryogenic Industrial
  • Oxygen- Liquid Cryogenic Medical
  • Propane- Industrial Filtered HD-5 Grade
  • Propane- Industrial Filtered HD-5 Fork Lift Grade (Two-Stage Filtration)
  • Propane- Travel Trailer/RV Direct Fill

Why Greco Gas?

Greco Gas committed significant resources to provide you with the industry's highest quality atmospheric gases in Pittsburgh and Southwestern Pennsylvania. It all begins with our clean and spacious climate-controlled 7,000 sq. ft. modern packaged gas filling facility loaded with storage capacity including bulk Argon, CO2, Nitrogen, Oxygen, & Propane. Our state-of-the-art Packaged-Gas-Filling-Facility includes some of the most modern gas production and testing equipment in the business. Aluminum, electron chip controlled fill manifolds can safely and efficiently fill all size cylinders from 20 Cu.Ft. on up to the 3,600 Cu. Ft. twelve-pack high-pressure gas deliver packages in addition to cryogenic portable dewars. Computer monitored pumps connected to 15,000 SCFH Stainless Steel and Monel-alloy wide gap gas vaporizers; enable us to quickly provide gas cylinders up to 3,000 psi. Gravimetric scales with digital readout allow us to produce the most accurate gas mixtures possible, giving you exactly what you need to complete your most demanding application. Greco gas can produce welding,  laser mixes, industrial, aviation, and FDA medical oxygen, industrial, pre-purified, high purity, ultra-high purity, NF grade nitrogen, argon Industrial, pre-purified, high purity, and UHP grades are quickly produced.  Breathing air, industrial, dry, bone dry, and zero grade are also part of our product mix. Also, carbon dioxide is made in Industrial, Coleman, food and beverage grades. CO2 liquid grades are also produced.  As part of our CO2 offering, we can fulfill huge requirements or food-grade 3mm,10mm, and 16mm dry ice pellets made on-site with our advanced computer-controlled dry-Ice manufacturing machinery.  

Added to all of this is our modern specialty gas production laboratory annually qualified by AsteRisk LLC, an independent outside testing service. Our technicians can produce precise gas mixtures down to minimal percentage quantities using our certified gravimetric scale, which measures down to 1/10 of a gram.  In conjunction with a motorized mixing table, F-Trace analyzer, gas chromatograph, trace moisture analyzer, oxygen percentage analyzer, and hydrocarbon analyzer, enables us to produce most of your process, research,  or laboratory gas needs down to one-part per million purity on pure gases and extremely accurate mixtures. As one of the steps to assure these high standards, we use a tandem pre-fill bake-out/vacuum process. This step vaporizes any entrapped moisture and pulls out the impurities down to 5 microns. This fully-enclosed clean, climate-controlled lab is within our larger climate-controlled package-gas-filling-facility as added quality assurance. Our packaged gas fill facility and specialty gas laboratory are set up with the latest production equipment that provides your needs with accuracy and purity measured to the industry's highest purity levels.

Custom Gas Mixtures also available