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The use of industrial gases in the metals industry is prevalent and long-enjoyed for over a century – gases are extremely useful in optimizing and often necessary in regulating and purifying processes to manufacture metals. Let’s define some common uses or problems that pure and specialty gases can achieve in the wide world of metals: 

  • Preventing oxidation
  • Purging Oxygen or air from process lines, liquids and molten metals
  • Controlling atmospheres in furnaces for optimizing metal purities and characteristics
  • Gases are used in blanketing furnace zones of different temperatures for custom bake or sintering applications
  • Metal forming specialists will use the varying properties of industrial gases for temperature control applications such as high-heat zones
  • Gas burners provide efficient and cost-effective energy sources for melting metals
  • Annealing and brazing units draw custom gas atmospheres to enhance metal bonds
  • Heat treaters use industrial gases in their process, which is helpful in hardening, rust-proofing or altering metallurgical properties


We can’t devote a page to metal forming without mentioning this region’s industrial roots in steelmaking. Greco Gas is proud of our steel heritage and our role in the supply chain. The steel industry is the largest user of Oxygen gas. An Oxygen-enriched blast furnace or open-hearth furnace will burn hotter, increasing combustion and improving throughput. Carbons released from iron and coke during the steelmaking process will combine with Oxygen and release as CO2 gas. Steel manufacturing also utilizes Argon during the blowing process and for stirring liquid steel, and as a shielding gas for continuous casting because it is inert at extremely high temperatures. Nitrogen is used as a purging gas for lines, as a coolant for hot coke and blast furnaces, as a shielding gas in heat-treating iron and steel.

Greco Gas offers more detail on how gases are applied to industrial processes in our industrial gas pages. Plus, our experienced staff can get you set up with whatever gas meets your application needs. Give us a call today! 

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