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High Purity Gas Supplier Western Pennsylvania

Gas purity is essential in specific vital industries, such as fiber optics, electronics and semiconductors, where shielding gases, source gases and reactive gases must be as free from impurities as possible. Gas purity also plays a role in safer environments and workplaces, consistent quality results, and precision applications for numerous industries.

What Is a Pure Gas?

We are talking about producing or manufacturing gases to 99% purity or greater and the third-party certification of the gas – assuring quality for this specific spectrum of customers. High-quality production methods and strict inspection standards help us achieve purity as specific as 0.1 PPM. Greco Gas belongs to a partnership of independent specialty gas companies, called PurityPlus®, who collectively guarantee certified-quality pure gases.

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Dial-in on purity and assurance – for quality results

Greco Gas, as a partner member of PurityPlus®, ensures pure gas solutions for the greater Pittsburgh area.  We source and supply synthesized, pure core gases and mixtures for diverse applications. If it carries the PurityPlus® brand, you can be assured of its quality. But when it’s delivered and serviced by Greco Gas, you can be sure of expert customer service and reliable availability!

  • EPA Protocol gases – Maintain productivity and quality with assurance of environmental compliance, with a cleaner and safer environment.
  • Metalworking and fabrication – Advancements in this sector using pure gases improve quality, efficiency and safety. Pure gases render cleaner metals and joints and overall quality results in cutting, welding, bending, forging, molding and forming. Check us out not only for our PurityPlus® line of gases but our array of equipment and supplies.
  • Choose PurityPlus® gases for high-precision calibration equipment used in monitoring, research and laboratory Purity is paramount for accurate and repeatable results. In an industry with no space for impurities, choose pure gases paired with quality regulators and metering equipment, also offered through Greco Gas.
  • Pharmaceutical grade gases – When life depends on it, purity is essential in the fields of pharmaceutical and life sciences testing and development with high standards in a tightly regulated industry. Greco Gas with PurityPlus® pure gases can deliver.
  • The electronics industry demands the purest of gases necessary for precision and integrity during assembly, testing, and electronic equipment use. Greco Gas supplies western Pennsylvania with industry critical PurityPlus® gas.
  • Specialty pure gases not only provide trusted results for the many industries noted above, but they also lend us a quality of life, primarily when used to preserve and enhance the natural flavors of our favorite food and drinks. Greco Gas is your ready and expert provider of PurityPlus® for the food and beverage industry. Call us today!

Inside Track: This Gas is ‘To the Nines!’

Pure gases are typically scaled according to purity, not by percentages as we understand in general fractional terms, but by a scale of nines. The catchphrase “to the nines” is a common reference to quality and the finest of appearances or material. Similarly, 99.99% pure gas is expressed in terms of the number of nines often preceded by the letter N. So, a N6.0 Argon, or a 6.0 Argon is certified as 99.9999% pure with 1 PPM impurities.

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