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Industrial Acetylene Supplier Pittsburgh

Acetylene (C2H2) is a colorless, flameless gas with an odor like garlic. Acetylene gas produces a very hot flame, conducive for both cutting and welding of high strength steel. In an oxygen atmosphere, the flame becomes even warmer, reaching temperatures above 6000°F (3100-3300°C.) The flame renders a reducing zone, which helps clean the metal surface from contaminants, making an ideal surface for a clean weld. These properties also make Acetylene an option for metal heat treatment. 

Acetylene is most widely used in the chemical industry to manufacture chemicals predominantly used to produce ethylene, methane, polyurethane, and other polyester plastics. PVC, a mostly used material of choice for household plastics, is then derived from ethylene. 

Greco Gas is one of the premier Acetylene suppliers in Western Pittsburgh.


  • Welding gas
  • Industrial heating and cutting   
  • Chemical “raw material” for various hydrocarbon and plastics products 
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Methods of Acetylene Production

Acetylene is also used to make solvents, acetylenic alcohols, and acetic acid, and can be produced by any of three methods: 

  • By the reaction of water with calcium carbide* (method derived for Greco Gas Acetylene) 
  • By the passage of a hydrocarbon through an electric arc, or 
  • By partial combustion of methane with air or Oxygen 

Preparation and Caution

Acetylene is unstable under pressure but also highly soluble in certain liquids; this principle is utilized in dissolving the Acetylene into cylinders containing acetone and a porous filler such as charcoal, making it safer for storage and transport. However, it is also highly flammable and explosive, so both the tanks and its contents should be used only by trained personnel under controlled processes. Trust Greco Gas for the safe delivery of Acetylene. 

Grades of Acetylene

  • Atomic Absorption 
  • Industrial 

Custom Gas Mixtures also available