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Bulk Argon Gas Systems Western Pennsylvania

Switching to a microbulk Argon system is an excellent consideration for growing businesses seeking cost efficiencies and convenience, and desire reliable, consistent availability of Argon gas. We can provide on-site storage of Argon in sizes from 8,000 to 44,000 cubic feet of gas. Need something smaller? Check out our section on Argon portable options here.

Greco Gas will work with you to analyze your monthly volumes and costs and will provide a return on investment analysis to see if microbulk Argon is the next step for your company. Or, we can quote our gas prices, delivery and service if you’re looking for competitive opportunities to switch suppliers.

Microbulk Argon Grades

  • UHP 
  • High Purity 
  • Pre-Purified
  • Industrial  
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Custom Gas Mixtures also available

Bulk Argon Applications

Manufacturing: Metal & Electronics

Argon’s use in manufacturing metals and alloys add efficiency and reduce cost by removing impurities, optimizing time at temperature, removing impurities --ultimately yielding desirable metal properties. Argon’s strength is its value as an inert gas, even at high temperatures, making it the choice for keeping hot electronics impurity-free.

TIG and MIG Welding

Argon’s predominant industrial use is as a welding gas. Greco Gas’ gas blending facility in Tarentum will customize a blend, typically 75% Argon and 25% Carbon Dioxide (C25 gas) for MIG work and superior weld results! Other mixtures we carry at Greco Gas are C-10, C8, and Stainless C2. Need these in bulk? We’d be glad to discuss options!

Food & Beverage Industry

You’ll need Argon for volume production of wine, displacing air in the barrel fermenting process – helping achieve that distinct flavor and quality result.


Argon is used in neon tubes, light bulbs, fluorescent lighting and more. This is a cost-efficient choice, as Argon is economical versus other industrial gases, but its use in electrical lighting uses lower voltage. Its protective qualities extend the life of the lighting product – additional cost savers.

Health Care

Argon becomes extremely cold in a controlled expansion system. Surgeons use this super-chilled and precisely directed Argon for cryosurgery – to remove damaged cells, destroy diseased tissue, and even treat cancer, remove tumor cells and repair heart irregularities.

Look no further than Greco Gas for your bulk Argon gas supplier serving the Pittsburgh area.

Common uses of our Argon systems

  • Flushing molten metals, liquids and foods to eliminate porosity or air bubbles 
  • Blanketing gas in furnaces and heat treating applications
  • Insulating gas for double-paned windows
  • Rapid prototyping and 3D printing for stronger bonding
  • Gas Chromatography
  • Medical and research laboratories
  • Lasers and Plasma Etching