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Bulk gas storage containers

Bulk Carbon Dioxide (CO2) Gas Supplier in Pittsburgh

Are you scaling up?

Move to the cost-efficient bulk solution for Carbon Dioxide gas and gain security -- with convenient and effortless availability of CO2 when you choose Greco Gas. Eliminate frequent tank changing and gas loss remaining in smaller tanks – go microbulk. Talk to us today and put the savings dollars from paper to your bank account.

Greco Gas carries and sources the following grades of CO2: 

  • Coleman Instrument
  • Coleman Grade – Liquid withdrawal
  • Bone Dry 
  • Food & Beverage 
  • Dry Ice 
  • Industrial

In the Pittsburgh area, our most prevalent consumers of microbulk Carbon Dioxide are the food and beverage industry and metal fabricators.

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Custom Gas Mixtures also available

Bulk Applications of Carbon Dioxide Gas


CO2 is used as the primary shield gas for MIG welding applications. High purity grade CO2 provided by Greco Gas ensures close-tolerance welds while also protecting the weld against oxidation. The gases we make are consistent and compliant with all national standards. Standard and custom weld blends may also be incorporated into your microbulk system. Just specify your mix, and we can accommodate!

Food & Beverage

Bulk containers of CO2 add the "fizz" to beer and other carbonated beverages that so many of us enjoy. An on-site CO2 system is fundamental for bottling facilities and in microbrewery production lines—smaller portable systems service tap style beer dispensing and fountain drink stations. Greco Gas offers the purist CO2 gas for quality, freshness and superior taste. We also supply CO2 and Nitrogen gas blends for food and beverage processors, packaging and producers. The bottling industry also uses CO2 for carbonation and as a low-cost method to control drinking water's pH. 

Oil & Gas Industry

Bulk CO2 is useful as an inert purge gas for fuel tanks and pipelines and is often dissolved in oil to improve the oil extraction process.

Water Processing

Municipal systems, manufacturing effluent systems, concrete companies, and pulp and paper manufacturers – to name a few – all utilize bulk CO2 for water treatment. Dissolved in water, the use of CO2 gas is essential in meeting EPA requirements for treated water pH and Total Suspended Solids (TSS.)

Chemical Industry

Consider Carbon Dioxide, another essential industrial gas – as a "raw material" and its benefits as an inert gas. It's used to produce methanol, plastics and polymers and as a blanket gas for volatile or easily oxidized fuels, paints, solvents, and polyesters. Bulk CO2 gas is used in chemical processes to neutralize alkalis and to precipitate carbonates from the solution. 


Enrich the quality of air in greenhouses and improve plant growth and yield with Carbon Dioxide.

Other Microbulk Uses for CO2

  • Precision laser cutting
  • Firefighting gas (no moisture)
  • Pulp and paper manufacturing
  • Chemical reagent for aspirin manufacturing
  • Medical grade gas for respiratory applications
  • As an environmentally friendly solvent or cleaning agent

CO2 WARNINGS: Large quantities may irritate the nose or eyes because CO2 forms a mild acid when dissolved in water.