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Large Volume Dry Ice Supplier Western Pennsylvania

Greco Gas is prepared to support large volume dry ice needs for commercial use. Please call in advance to discuss our lead time and delivery. We offer for rent specialized containers for the transport of bulk dry ice. Bulk or large volume dry ice in bins of 500 lbs to 1400 lbs can be purchased here at Greco Gas. 

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Cleaning Solutions 

In the greater Pittsburgh area, we see specialty bulk dry ice uses for cold contact jet blasting, blast cleaning. Dry ice jet blasters utilize blasting rice, which we manufacture with our state-of-the-art equipment at our Tarentum facility. Industrial cleaners report that this is a significant time and cost saver for cleanup versus abrasive blasting because the rice will sublimate to gas rather than the need for any sweeping or collection of media or blasting material and debris.

This “no-waste” alternative makes dry ice blasting ideal for environmental and marine use, cleaning of food and beverage equipment, historic renovation, and mold remediation.

Food Processing

Our dry ice process is FDA approved, assuring our customers receive food-grade dry ice, free of any debris or foreign materials. An added quality measure that we offer our large volume customers is food safe blue bin liners that help with the detection of liner deterioration that may occur over time. Food processors need trusting, qualified providers of dry ice to assure fresh, delicious and unique foods and drinks, free from contamination. Dry ice used to keep foods frozen or chilled enables a business to reach more customers, expand delivery areas and venues and grow sales.

Life Sciences

Life-saving methods in medicine and research utilized by doctors, technicians and hospital systems rely on dry ice for safe preservation and transportation of blood, tissues, organs and pharmaceuticals. Talk with Greco Gas to establish a trusted delivery system of quality, volume dry ice for all medical and research needs. Give us a call and we’ll discuss our quality system and record for supporting life sciences in the greater Pittsburgh area for over 60 years.

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