Pittsburgh Welding Machine Supplier


Greco Gas is a major Lincoln Electric supplier in Western Pennsylvania.

We take part in Lincoln Electric Money Matters program. Visit one of our stores and see the complete line of Lincoln Electric Professional Grade welders. From the 120v Power MIG 140C, Power MIG 210 MP, Power MIG Dual 180, Power MIG 256, Ranger 225 (Kohler), Square Wave TIG 200, 275 Precison TIG  to the Advanced Process C300, we have the machines and the expertise to provide you with the right machine for your budget and your welding requirements.

Our technical abilities bring our customers advanced solutions to their production needs. From Lincoln Electric Advanced Processes like Pulse-On-Pulse Aluminum push/pull welding, to robotics, to automated submerged arc welding, we can help you focus on the correct application of today's welding technologies.

We also offer a variety of Thermal Arc portable stick, Stick/TIG, and AC/DC TIG inverter welders.