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Greco Gas is a major Lincoln Electric supplier in Western Pennsylvania.

We take part in Lincoln Electric Money Matters program. Visit one of our stores and see the complete line of Lincoln Electric Professional Grade welders. From the 120v Power MIG 140C, Power MIG 210 MP, Power MIG Dual 180, Power MIG 256, Ranger 225 (Kohler), Square Wave TIG 200, 275 Precison TIG  to the Advanced Process C300, we have the machines and the expertise to provide you with the right machine for your budget and your welding requirements.

Our technical abilities bring our customers advanced solutions to their production needs. From Lincoln Electric Advanced Processes like Pulse-On-Pulse Aluminum push/pull welding, to robotics, to automated submerged arc welding, we can help you focus on the correct application of today's welding technologies.


WELDMARK MIG25-140 INVERTER – New and Improved Portable MIG Machine.

Only $399.00(+ tax) - High Quality & Fantastic Value from Weldmark - Portable MIG Machine Package

Weldmark MIG25Weldmark MIG25Weldmark MIG25-140

The new portable Weldmark MIG 25-140 machine now comes as an inverter. With its light weight design, (only 31 Lbs.) it is a great fit for the individual hobbyist, small fabrication shop or auto body repair. 3-year warranty. 140-Amp, 120V. Duty Cycle is 30% @90Amps. Brought to you by Weldmark® - the brand of the independent welding distributor.

Kit Includes:

Regulator/flow gauge, 10ft. gas hose, 10ft. ground cable with clamp and 2lb. wire spool.

Also available is spool gun for aluminum that uses the same consumables as the MIG gun.

Advanced Inverter Technology, MIG Gun Accepts TWECO consumables, Handles up to .035 mild steel and flux-core, 2&11lb. spool size options, optional spool gun, Toll free welder helpline. Co-branded by Weldmark with Metal Man Work Gear Company.

Additional Features:

Spot Timer Control, Infinite Voltage Control, Infinite Wire Speed Control

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Featured Lincoln Electric Machine: Lincoln Electric Power MIG® 260

The Power MIG 260 welding machine sets the standard for MIG and Flux-Cored welding in light industrial shop fabrication, maintenance, and repair work. The 7 inch color display with automatic controls make setup and operation intuitive and simple. The Power MIG 260 welder offers superior welding performance and a multitude of professional features.LincolnElectricMachine

Simplified Design:

  • Visualize Your Weld with ArcFX™ Technology
    • What is ArcFX™ - Lincoln Electric’s patented technology provides instant graphical feedback on the user interface illustrating how a welder’s settings affect the weld outcome
  • Ready.Set.Weld® Quick Set-Up
  • Automatic Settings Provide Optimal Weld Parameters
  • Universal Input Voltage

Innovative Design:

  • 7 inch Color Display
  • Memory Capability
  • Auto Calibration Optimizes Push-Pull Aluminum Performance  

Ergonomic Design:

  • Easy to View and Adjust Settings
  • Tilting Gas Bottle Tray
  • Front Access to 115V Outlet & Gun Connections
  • Small Footprint

Advanced Features:

  • Automatic settings provide optimal weld parameters
  • Memory Capability- Ability to load and save weld settings
  • Run-in- adjustable speed at which wire strikes the plate to enhance starting
  • Burnback – Adjustable time delay between turning off the arc and the wire feed to prevent wire sticking to the puddle
  • Spot Timer – Adjustable arc time for repetitive tack and spot welds

What’s included:

  • Maxtrac® Wire Drive
  • Magnum® PRO 250L Welding Gun
  • Quick Storage Accessories
  • 10 FT Work Cable with Clamp
  • Gas Regulator
  • 10FT Power Cable with Plug