Plasma Cutting Machines Suppliers West Pennsylvania

Plasma Cutting Manufacturers supplied by Greco Gas

Greco Gas is a supplier and distributor of plasma cutting equipment and parts by some of the world’s highest quality manufacturers of this type of technology. We are an authorized dealer of the following brands:

  • Hypertherm®
  • Thermal Dynamics® – An ESAB Company
  • Tomahawk® - Lincoln Electric
  • Torchmate® - Lincoln Electric

We supply the full-line of plasma cutting products such as portable hand held machines, consumable parts and equipment for the above mentioned brands at all of our branches in Southwestern PA and the Pittsburgh metropolitan area. Our knowledgeable staff can assist and guide in the purchasing and setting up of small plasma cutting tables, automated plasma cutting systems, warranties and repairs.

The Basics of Plasma Cutting:

Plasma is commonly referred as the fourth state of matter. Most often we think of three states of matter in science: solid, liquid and gas.

A plasma cutting system works by using a plasma stream to transfer energy to a conductive work material. The plasma stream is typically formed by forcing a gas such as nitrogen, argon or even compressed air through a narrow nozzle. An electric current produced by an external power supply adds sufficient energy to the gas flow to ionize it, turning it into a plasma arc with temperatures approaching 40,000°F. The plasma arc cuts the workpiece by melting it, and blows away the molten metal.

Featured Portable Plasma Cutting Machines:

Greco Gas is a proud channel partner and distributor of Hypertherm® products. We offer the full line of Hypertherm® plasma cutting, gouging and piercing machines, parts and equipment. Hypertherm is headquartered in Hanover, New Hampshire and is the world leader in plasma cutting technologies.

Stocked Portable Plasma Cutting Machines:

The following Hypertherm plasma cutting machines are commonly stocked at all Greco Gas branches:

Call for pricing and availability!

Hypertherm Powermax30® XP – Professional-grade plasma system for handheld cutting 3/8” metal.

Hypertherm Powermax45® XP – Professional-grade plasma system for cutting 5/8” thick metal, gouging, and marking.

Hypertherm Powermax65® XP – Professional-grade plasma metal cutting and gouging system for handheld cutting ¾” and mechanized piercing 5/8”.

Hypertherm Powermax85® XP – Professional-grade plasma metal cutting and gouging system for handheld cutting 1” and mechanized piercing ¾”.

Additional Plasma Cutting Equipment & Services:

  • Guidance, Purchase and Setup of Automated Plasma Systems
  • Guidance, Purchase and Setup of Plasma Cutting Tables
  • Assist in the setup and use of portable plasma machines. Technical assistance is available from Greco Gas and additional assistance from our vendor partners if requested.


Save Big with Hypertherm’s Trade-In Program

Look for trade-in opportunities for plasma systems and torches with Hypertherm®. Trade-in any brand of plasma machine and receive a flat discount on a new Hypertherm Powermax machine (program qualifications & restrictions may apply). Contact our staff today for more information on how to obtain trade-in credits from Hypertherm.