Laser Gas Mixture Suppliers Pittsburgh

Laser cutting equipment requires very specific gas mixtures to create the laser beam. Our gas laboratory produces gravimetric mixtures of Argon, Helium, CO2, and CO (Carbon Monoxide) in many combinations. Our component gases are UHP (Ultra High Purity) grade so that your laser mixture will be of superior quality.

Greco Gas can provide prepackaged or custom laser gas mixes for whatever suits your laser machine’s specifications.

Give us your concentration percentages that are specified by your laser machine manufacturer, and we can assist you in finding the right gas blend.

We carry several common laser gas blends in stock, and have the ability to custom make or source more specialized laser gas mixes to fit your needs.

Available Laser Mixtures

Gas Name Gas Mix Cylinder Sizes Available (Cubic Feet) 
Laser 21 5%CO2/40%He/55%N2 300
Laser 75 1.7%CO2/74.9%He/23.4%N2 300
Laser 81 1.7%CO2/74.9%He/23.4%N2 300
Laser 83 4%CO/8%/CO2/28%He/60%N2 300
Laser HL 11.2%CO2/79.8%He/9%N2 200


Laser Gas Supply Methods:

There are several basic ways that a laser gas can be supplied. Individual cylinders is a safe, easy and economical way of supplying gas to the laser machine. One thing to keep in mind is that there can be interruption in gas flow when changing the cylinders or cluster of cylinders.

Another supply option, is a cylinder bank system. This is recommended for wall mounting and uninterrupted operation. The benefit to this is that the switchover is performed manually or automatically.

Before contacting us, always consult your laser machine manufacturer first regarding their required specifications.

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