Pittsburgh Industrial Argon (Ar) Gas Supplier

Argon is a rare gas constituting slightly less than one percent of the earth’s atmosphere. Even at this small ratio, however, argon is considered abundant in comparison to other rare gases, such as Xenon. There is only 1/10th of a cubic foot of Xenon in a million cubic feet of air.

Argon is colorless and odorless, both as a gas and as a liquid. It is extremely inert, forming no known chemical compounds. This, in combination with its density and weight, makes it an ideal atmospheric shield against contamination in a number of industrial processes.

Grades of Argon (Ar) that we carry include: 

  • UHP 
  • High Purity 
  • Pre-Purified
  • Industrial  

Industrial Argon Applications

  • Blanket for production of titanium and other reactive elements
  • Filling electronic tubes 
  • Filling incandescent and fluorescent lamps 
  • Flushing molten metals to eliminate porosity in castings 
  • Inert gas shield for arc welding and arc cutting 
  • A protective atmosphere for growing silicon and germanium crystals
DOT Class: 2 .2 (Nonflammable Gas) Specific Volume: 9.68ft3/lb at 70 F
DOT Label:  Nonflammable Gas  Specific Gravity (Air=1): 1.378 at 70 F 
UN No.: UN1006 Molecular Weight:  39.95
CAS No.: 740-37-1 CGA Valve Outlet: 580
TLV-TWA: Non-Established Liquid temperature: -302