Industrial Oxygen Gas Supplier Pittsburgh

Oxygen, O2, is a colorless, nonflammable gas that vigorously accelerates combustion. Without oxygen, life as we know it would cease to exist. Fortunately, oxygen makes up around 50 percent of the earth’s crust and one-fifth (by volume) of its atmosphere. Oxygen supports combustion and will combine chemically with practically all the known elements except the rare gases (argon, helium, neon, etc.). As a gas, oxygen is colorless, odorless, and tasteless. It is a poor conductor of heat and electricity. As a liquid, oxygen takes on a pale blue color. Liquid oxygen is magnetic and is just a little heavier than water. 

Oxygen Applications

Oxygen is used as a breathing, mixture and as a fuel gas for analytical instruments. Other common industrial applications of oxygen include:

  • Steel welding, cutting, scarfing and heat treating.
  • Gas welding, flame cutoff, and flame crack off, fire polishing and other finishing.
  • Medical (oxygen therapy), high altitude flying (breathing supply) and water and sewage treatment.

Greco Gas offers Ultra-High Purity (UHP), Zero, Extra Dry, Aviator, and Medical U.S.P, and Industrial grades of oxygen.

DOT Class: 2.2 (Nonflammable Gas)

Specific Volume: 12.1ft3/lb at 70ºF

DOT Label: Nonflammable Gas, Oxidizer

Specific Gravity (Air = 1): 1.105

UN No. UN1072

Molecular Weight: 32

CAS No. 7782-44-7

CGA Valve Outlet: 540

TLV-TWA None Established

Liquid Temperature: -297