Hydrogen (H2) Gas Supplier Pittsburgh

Hydrogen is the lightest of all known elements and the most widely distributed. It is found not only on earth, but throughout the entire universe. Gaseous hydrogen is odorless, colorless and tasteless. It will diffuse very rapidly through many plastic materials, and also through some metals at high temperatures. It is flammable and burns in air with a pale, bluish flame that is nearly invisible. While hydrogen is non-toxic, it can cause asphyxiation in confined spaces.

Liquid hydrogen is clear and odorless with a density of about only 1/14 that of water. It has a lower boiling point than any other liquefied gas except helium.

Hydrogen (H2) Gas Applications 

  • Hydrogen Gas: hydrogenation of various organic chemicals, oxy-hydrogen heating and cutting, production of margarine and vegetable shortening, production of hydrochloric acid, reducing agent in production of metallic tungsten and molybdenum, reducing atmosphere in annealing, furnace, brazing and production of sintered metals parts, reduction of aldehydes and fatty acids, removal of Sulphur in petroleum refining, synthesis of ammonia and methanol.
  • Hydrogen Liquid: bubble chambers, nuclear research, propellant for rockets, refrigeration (where temperatures lower than liquid nitrogen are required.), rocket engine component testing.

Hydrogen Grades Carried

  • UHP
  •  Zero
  •  High Purity
  • Industrial.