Bulk Carbon Dioxide (CO2) Gas Supplier

Carbon Dioxide or CO2 is one of the industry’s most versatile gases. It’s used in some mixed shielding gases for welding, and as the primary gas shield in CO2 metal arc welding. CO2 is also used by the bottling industry for carbonation, as a low-cost method to control the pH of drinking water, and as a firefighting gas that leaves no moisture.

Bulk CO2 gas is a chemical reagent used to make aspirin, neutralize alkalies, and precipitate carbonates from solution. CO2 is also used as an inert purge gas for fuel tanks and pipelines, and to blanket volatile or easily-oxidized fuels, paints, solvents, and polyesters during transportation and storage. Solid CO2 is a common refrigerant.

The natural state of carbon dioxide is gaseous. It has no color and usually is odorless and tasteless. Large quantities may irritate the nose or eyes because CO2 forms a mild acid when dissolved in water.

CO2 gas will not liquefy when cooled at atmospheric pressure. Instead, it becomes a solid at about -109 Fahrenheit (-78 Celsius). The gas liquefies only at pressures above 60.4 psi. Carbon dioxide gas is about 53% heavier than air. It flows downhill, settles to the bottom of a container, and displaces air. Here at Greco gas, we currently carry the following grades of CO2: 

DOT Class: 2.2 (Nonflammable) Specific Volume: 8.74 ft3/lb at 70 F
DOT Label: Nonflammable  Specific Gravity (Air =1): 1.522 at 70 F
UN No.: UN1013 Molecular Weight: 44.01
CAS No.: 124-38-9 CGA Valve Outlet: 320
TLV-TWA: 5000ppm Liquid Temperature: -69.83